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Staff absenteeism can impact productivity within a small to medium company, as well as affecting staff morale. Perfect Support can assess the reasons relating to the absence and provide a report outlining recommended solutions. An assessment of an employee’s workplace is essential to highlight the restrictions their condition(s) places on their ability to achieve the high standards that their employer expects.

How Does It Work?


A recent study published by The British Psychological Society highlights that any employee disclosure should be swiftly followed by a needs assessments of their workplace and implementation of any strategies and equipment that are recommended. They suggest that consistent application of moderate support, in the form of formal disability adjustments improves employment success and this is the spirit of the ‘reasonable’ element of the reasonable adjustment. 

Bearing in mind that numerous people ‘suffer in silence’ for many months before asking for help, it is essential that needs assessments are delivered swiftly and recommendations implemented quickly. They further explain that time delays and ongoing poor performance can damage the relationship between employee and employer and sometimes if needed, dual coaching with both parties present for the first and last of a series of coaching sessions, can resolve conflict and misunderstanding.

The Right Solutions

At Perfect Support, all of our trainers and assessors are DSE trained. The extra benefit of being trained and assessed by us is our vast product knowledge which enables us to specify the right solutions for your needs. Any recommendations will be tailored to the employee’s needs and will assist in helping them to stay productive within their working environment. Possible solutions can include hardware such as an ergonomic chair, keyboard or mouse, alongside assistive technology software providing speech to text or text to speech. Other solutions can be one to one support to help with mental health or strategies for assisting with learning difficulties at work.

One of our professional assessors will conduct a face to face online assessment and produce a full report; the assessment will help highlight any issues with the current setup, provide guidance and recommendations to resolve any work related issues.

Full Report Provided

Assessments are normally carried out within an agreed time scale to suit your requirements and takes between 30-60 minutes to complete. The written report will be completed with 10 working days and we can help you source or supply the recommended equipment and services.

Cohesive teamwork relies on recognising the employee’s skillsets and utilising them to aid in the company’s success. Occasionally managers dealing with employees with autism or specific learning difficulties, can fail to recognise the benefits they bring to the company and struggle to motivate them. At Perfect Support we offer team and manager trainings, which explain the different disabilities and how they may impact an individual’s behaviour in the workplace.

Assessment Fees


Assessment Fees are £100 Ex VAT.