Online Specialist Grief, Loss & Change Coaching

Helping you provide the support your employees need

The Grief Recovery
Method is an Evidence
Based Program

In our experience, companies struggle to know how to support employees when they need help with all forms of traumatic change and loss such as redundancy, divorce and bereavement, other than offering them some time off work and referring them to an EAP. Sometimes the support, bereavement or counselling services offered by providers such as EAPs are not quite right for everyone.

This is where we differ, offering positive, proactive coaching support to help someone to recover and adjust to their ‘new normal’.

Unique Grief Trained Coaches

Not everyone wants counselling or therapy, and executive coaches are not necessarily experienced in this area. Our specialist coaches have undertaken unique grief training and use this blended skillset to help individuals to positively address and recover from grief and loss. They offer a unique coaching programme for people who have experienced traumatic loss and want to recover from the impact of this loss quickly, to enable them to re-engage with the working world.

This can be delivered to a whole organisation as part of their mental health and wellbeing scheme or to individual employees with a specific need (such as bereavement support or outplacement support).

We Work Direct

We work directly with your organisation to educate and support all levels of employees in this complex and highly sensitive area, including relationship breakdown, significant health issues or diagnosis, or any one of the over 40 significant life events that can lead to impaired performance and productivity, stress, mental health issues and illness.

Once linked with a specialist coach, our unique action programme (The Grief Recovery Method™) is delivered over 7 sessions of 1 hour, by the same person each time, currently by Skype/Zoom.