National Grief Awareness Day

Today (August 30th) is recognised as National Grief Awareness Day with the mission to educate people on grief and create space for loss. Here are some solutions for supporting someone:

Be there for a grieving colleague 

  • If someone has expressed that they have experienced a loss it is important to understand that you simply need to listen and not try to “fix” the situation.
  • This article may help “Knowing what to say and what to avoid” as it offers clear guidelines to offer strategic support, rather than making statements which may upset the person further.

Tell them about workplace initiatives for support 

  • Find out if your employer offers some kind of strategic support such as counselling or similar. This may be through a strategic programme may be through a specific member of staff whose responsibility is emotional well-being.
  • If nothing is in place, please direct them to outside sources such as The Grief Recovery Method.

Make time for some self-care

  • Be kind to yourself. You may be the one that is grieving, or it may be that the grief event is related to a person who is a friend as well as a colleague.
  • Also you may know the person that this event relates to. They may have been a friend or colleague of yours as well.
  • There is no correct timeline when we are grieving so give yourself permission to feel how you feel.
  • Seek out support if you need it too – get support

After Grief Awareness Day 

  • Creating space for others to be able to share their thoughts and feelings is very powerful and sometimes all that is needed in the first few hours and days.
  • Help us to raise awareness of the support that is out there for those who are struggling. Share our website, blogs and other information with colleagues than on social media.

Please use this link to get in touch to find out more about the support we offer or training to be a specialist yourself.

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