Clear Slope Pro

Clear Slope Pro document holder and writing slope is a multifunctional device that sits in-line, between your keyboard and monitor so you can work carefully, comfortably and efficiently. The unit quickly transforms from document holder to writing slope by simply pulling it forwards over your keyboard to the front edge of your desk.



Clear Slope Pro allows you to quickly optimise your workspace so you can efficiently alternate between reading and writing tasks. As a document holder, it allows you to position your paperwork ergonomically for ease of referencing. When you need a writing slope, you simoply draw it forwards over your keyboard to the front edge of your desk where the unit automatically locks in place for added stability.

The unit offers twelve angles of adjustment from 8-55° allowing you to set up your workspace to meet your postural needs and soft wrist supports ensure no pressure is applied. The open-back nature of the design makes the unit ideal for use monitor arms, monitor stands and laptop stands. Documents up to A3 can be accommodated with an included rigid shelf allowing you to position and retain paperwork for regular referencing, such as phone lists.

The working positions that Clear Slope Pro facilitate allow you to work comfortably, protecting against strain in your eyes, neck, back and shoulders. This not only reduces the chance of developing posture problems, or aggravating existing ones, but also improves work efficiency, concentration and ultimately productivity

Product Features

  • Multifunctional design doubles as document holder and writing slope
  • Accommodates documents up to A3
  • 12 angle settings from 8-55°
  • Elegant, 5mm satin work surface with easy gliding rails
  • Soft wrist support adds comfort
  • Built-in rigid shelf
  • Optional book and file holder

Product Specifications

Warranty: 5 years
Width: 530mm
Depth: 320mm
Height: 110mm
Weight: 2kg


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