Contour RollerMouse Red Wireless

Contour RollerMouse Red Wireless featured the same award-winning aluminium housing, the same ground-breaking technology, advanced rollerbar and seven central buttons that you will recognise from RollerMouse Red, which all help to increase your productivity.

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Freedom of movement 

With the Contour RollerMouse Red Wireless you really get the freedom to move around in – and with – your workplace. RollerMouse Red Wireless is an ergonomic mouse designed to give you the same full control that you get from RollerMouse Red, but with the freedom of movement that a wireless connection gives you. So, if you work in a hot desking environment, or if you move your workplace from time to time, you no longer need to go without all the benefits of the Contour RollerMouse that you know and love.

Ground-breaking technology provides optimal efficiency

The rollerbar very accurately detects both large-scales movement and micromovements of your cursor position, allowing you to work calmly and comfortably and at your own pace. This gives you optimal efficiency.

The surface, the large rollerbar, gives you better control over the cursor and reduces hand, arm and shoulder strain. Furthermore, the mechanical click has been replaced by an electronic click to eliminate unnecessary strain and to minimise the risk of mouse-related injuries and pain.

Product features

  • Centred ergonomic mouse with wrist rest
  • Greater freedom of movement thanks to wireless connection
  • Controlled using a rollerbar, providing greater freedom, control and variation, and making it easier to use either hand
  • Top-class precision – from 600 to 2800 dpi
  • 7 button functions – including “one touch” double-click and copy/paste – help to increase both productivity and ergonomics
  • Suitable for both right-handed and left-handed use
  • Keyboard risers make it possible to adjust keyboard height and angle in order to achieve excellent comfort and an optimal working position
  • Adjustable click force
  • Suitable for any size keyboard
  • Integrated leatherette wrist rest
  • Plug-and-play installation via USB
  • Single-cast aluminium with removable wrist rest
  • Compatible with OSX and Windows
  • 2 year warranty

Product Specifications

Height: 230mm
Width: 420mm
Depth: 100mm
Connectivity: Wireless
Warranty: 2 years


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