Ergo-Q 260

The Ergo-Q 260 is a portable, aluminium, award winning design notebook stand, featuring a pivotal patented inline document holder, slim and lightweight profile and stable rubber anti-slip feet. Winner of the Ergonomics Excellence Award, Dutch Teleworking Award and Good Industrial Award.



The Ergo-Q 260 is ideal for mobile work; with a folded size 230mm x 310mm x 7mm and a weight of only 390g, this laptop stand is super compact, ultra-thin and ultra-light. You can therefore easily take this laptop stand with you anywhere, as it fits into any backpack or laptop bag and thanks to its weight, you don’t even notice, that you are carrying it with you.

The height adjustment range of the Ergo-Q 260 is extraordinarily large. The advantage of this is, that this product is suitable for everyone, no matter how tall you are. For this purpose, the Ergo-Q 260 has five levels that can be easily adjusted. In the blink of an eye, you can bring up your laptop screen to a comfortable eye level, take the strain off your neck and work pain-free.

Would you like to type up your handwritten notes or do you have important information on your tablet that you want to read? Simply place your documents and digital device’s centrally in front of you on slightly inclined surface. This automatically keeps your work ‘in-line’ and relieve the strain on your neck and eyes.

Product Features

  • Pivoted for easy laptop set-up and to allow access to laptop keys if necessary
  • Folds flat to 7mm for easy transportation and weighs only 390g
  • Patented, integrated inline document holder
  • Protective foam inside, keeps laptop safe and secure and stops scratches
  • Rubber anti-slip feet

Product Specifications

Warranty: Lifetime Guarantee Period
Width: 230mm
Depth: 310mm
Height: 7mm (folded flat)
Usage Height: 94-206mm
Weight: 390g


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