Evoluent Vertical Mouse 4

Evoluent Vertical Mouse 4 positions your hand into a handshake position, which places your hand in an upright neutral position. This prevents forearm twisting, protecting you against the physical discomfort, strain and fatigue associated with standard mouse usage.


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The Evoluent Vertical Mouse 4 is a fantastic, updated version of the much-loved Evoluent Vertical Mouse. New to this model is an extended lip which prevents you rubbing your little finger on the desk, adjustable laser sensor, pointer speed indicators, lit Evoluent logo, improved thumb rest and two thumb buttons.

Its patented ergonomic shape supports your hand in a relaxed handshake position, ensuring the arm is not twisted. It has five programmable buttons, carefully positioned to prevent the user contorting their fingers as is often required with ‘traditional’ mice. The illuminated Evoluent logo on the vertical mouse is not just a nice eye-catcher. It is also an indicator of whether the mouse is in sleep mode or not. The illumination turns off when the system is in sleep mode to conserve laptop battery power.

Selecting your desired DPI is easy to do via the button that is located behind the scroll wheel. You may wish to select a high DPI value for quickly moving, general tasks and a low DPI value for precision work, such as photo editing or drawing. In total, there are four different DPI values of 800, 1300, 1800 and 2600, which are conveniently indicated with four lights.

Product Features

  • Vertical design supports your hand in an upright neutral position
  • Soft Grip provides superior comfort and relieves wrist pain
  • USB and Wireless connectivity available
  • Right and left-handed versions available
  • 4 DPI settings
  • Mac and PC compatible

Product Specifications

Width: 85mm
Depth: 110mm
Height: 90mm

Width: 84mm
Depth: 105mm
Height: 76mm


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