Mousetrapper Alpha

Mousetrapper Alpha is an ergonomic mouse that combines the benefits of a centred pointing device with the user-friendliness of a full-sized keyboard. The unique control pad allows you to control the cursor with simple movements as the pad moves smoothly in two dimensions. You can also click anywhere on the control pad and switch between different fingers and hands to minimise static loading.



Mousetrapper Alpha is the world’s first centred ergonomic pointing device with a full-sized integrated keyboard. The integrated keyboard negates the need for a separate keyboard and ensures perfect ergonomic positioning of your mouse and keyboard.

Alpha allows you to place your keyboard and mouse centrally in front of you which encourages good ergonomic posture that allows you to keep your arms close to your body and your hands near the keyboard. This position helps protect against the strain and injury that can arise from stretching beyond your natural shoulder width as you do with conventional mice. There is generous wrist support at the front of the unit that provides a comfortable place to rest your wrists, relieving strain on your neck, shoulders, arms and wrists.

The unit provides a great deal of functionality via its 19 programmable keys that can be configured to suit your needs. Bluetooth ensures cable-free connectivity with a total of 2 hours of battery life between charges.

Product Features

  • Centred control pad design
  • Combined mouse and keyboard
  • Wireless and USB connectivity
  • Ambidextrous
  • 19 programmable keys

Product Specifications

Width: 313mm
Depth: 220mm
Height: 20mm
Product Weight: 740g


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