RH Logic 200

The RH Logic 200 has been reimagines from the original Logic for fast-paced, modern, active environments. Compared to its predecessor, the Logic 200 offers greater seat depth, softer cushioning, and an improved lockable movement mechanism for freedom of movement.


  • Neckrest Options

    Armrest Options

    *Castor Options

    *Gas Stem Options

    *Footbase Options

    *Fabric/Colour Options

    These fabrics can be used on this product with no additional charge - other fabrics will incur a price increase (see below).

    Additional Fabric/Colour Options

    For the full fabric range offered on this product, including leather and wool, please contact .

    Additional Options

    *Installation, Assembly and Usage Training


The seat has a rounded waterfall edge that reduces pressure on the thighs, while the backrest now features a soft curve to keep the back upright, mobilising the arms and shoulders for increased comfort in any position. RH Logic 200’s medium back has an inbuilt inflatable lumbar cushion as standard so all users can quickly find their preferred level of lower back support.

Environmental efficiency is at the heart of the RH Logic 200’s design. It’s long lasting, free from toxic substances, has easy to replace parts, and is completely reyclable.

Product Features

  • Curved medium back and distinct waist provides lumbar support
  • Tvedt cushion in backrest encourages open posture
  • Adjustable backrest angle provides support in any position
  • Waterfall edges reduce pressure on thighs
  • Inflatable lumbar pump as standard providing extra support for the lower back
  • Frictionless tilt mechanism follows your every movement
  • Adjustable seat improves blood circulation and leg support
  • Easily interchangeable seat and back that can be clicked on and off

Product Specifications

Warranty: 10 years
Seat height: 406-550mm
Backrest height: 490-588mm
Backrest width: 431mm
Seat depth with seat slide: 386-484mm (seat slide 100mm incl. 20mm in the back)
Seat width: 442mm


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