Ultraboard 960 Keyboard

The Ultraboard 960 is a standard keyboard with a numeric keypad that has ben deigned to make it narrower than a typical full-sized keyboard. Due to the optimised layout, 8cm have been shaved off the width, so you get the functionality of a standard keyboard with the ergonomic benefits of a compact keyboard.



Ultraboard 960 is ideal for employees who are used to having a numeric keypad as part of their keyboard layout or regularly work with numbers so ideally need that functionality. Ultraboard 960 has been ergonomically optimised to enable a much more compact layout while retaining the functionality of a standard full-sized keyboard and mouse which limits the exertion of your arms and shoulders and helps to protect against strain.

The keys of the Ultraboard 960 offer a light keystroke thanks to the application of a scissor mechanism rather than a traditional membrane system. This results in a keyboard that is very comfortable and tactile to use which minimises pressure on your fingers. The surface of the keys have a concave shape which are designed to automatically guide your fingers to their centre which makes typing more efficient with less fatigue. The keys are high contrast with dark letters on a light background that improves legibility, which improves productivity while protecting you from eye strain.

The keyboard has the additional benefits of two USB ports that provide ample connectivity options for all your devices while helping to keep your desk tidy. Because the keyboard is more compact it is easy to transport in your backpack or laptop case which allows you to work ergonomically and in comfort wherever you are.

Product Features

  • Standard keyboard in a compact size
  • Includes numeric pad
  • Optimised layout
  • Comfortable concave keys
  • High contrast keys
  • Two built-in USB inputs
  • Easy to transport

Product Specifications

Connectivity: Wired
Width: 363mm
Depth: 147mm
Height: 22mm


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