Uprise Laptop Stand

Uprise laptop stand allows you to quickly raise the height of your laptop, so the screen is positioned at the right height for your needs. Some laptop screens have a limited opening angle which restricts how high a laptop stand can go before the screen becomes unviewable. However, the design of this unit ensures all laptops can be raised to a good height, irrespective of their screen angle.

Winner of a Fira International Ergonomics Excellence Award.



The Uprise laptop stand is foldable, portable and easily adjustable with a unique design that vertically lifts the laptop. A choice of 9 settings are available, that raise the height of your laptop from approximately 140-240mm. Once you have chosen a suitable height setting, the Smart Set adjustment system will automatically adjust your stand to this same height the next time you use it.

Uprise incorporates an innovative in-line A4 document holder so you can comfortably reference paperwork without the need for a separate device and a set of non-slip rubber feet ensure stability.

Product Features

  • Positions screen at ergonomic height
  • Suitable for laptops up to 17″
  • 9 height settings
  • Folds flat to 7mm for easy transportation
  • 4 automatic laptop angles from 31-50°
  • Built-in document holder with 4 settings from 42-60°
  • 2 cable tidy ports
  • Non-slip rubber feet

Product Specifications

Warranty: 5 years
Width: 338m
Depth: 250mm
Height: 140-240mm
Product Weight: 330g


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