By Perfect Support


These sessions help employees to develop successful coping strategies and improve performance for all neurodiverse conditions (applied, clinical and acquired) and mental health conditions. We are able to provide coaching sessions to support employees and their managers, alongside group coaching/training to help employers to better support their employees.

How Does It Work?

Unique Coaching Programmes

Every coaching programme is unique to each person. We ask questions to identify what each employee feels are the areas that are working well and those causing difficulty and then we focus on elements such as memory skills, organisation and time management strategies and encourage regular practice of these.

We believe our cost-effective programmes reduce both absenteeism and presenteeism, therefore improving productivity and profit for businesses. We are happy to provide further information and are eager to discuss how we can support you.

Our strategic coaching sessions are extremely effective, and most clients experience an improvement in work performance after 4 or 5 sessions. When we meet a client, we ask questions to help acknowledge what is working well, we then identify and encourage the practice of new strategies. 

Supporting the full range

Our coaches can support the full range of neurodiverse conditions and each session is specific to the individual, improving processes to manage the fluctuating nature of these conditions. However, developing additional skills requires extra work for our working memory and thinking processes, especially when we are developing new strategies, so therefore employees need to be given time for improvements to develop.

We usually concentrate on issues such as memory skills, time management and personal organisation and utilise personal strengths in order to support difficulties. Our work has also allowed us to help many clients to communicate positively with current and prospective employers and managers, enabling them to succeed in their work environments.

Perfect Support provide trained specialists who are able to work throughout the UK, that can deliver 1 to 1 or small group coaching/coping strategy sessions, online via various face to face platforms, at this time.